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Showcase & Network Festival for Heavy Music

Distorted guitar sounds, driving drumbeats and thrilling live performances await the audience at the first showcase festival for heavy music "ROCK4Future - THE NEXT GENERATION"!

The event serves as a national networking platform and support the exchange between the scene members in order to build the foundation for the next generation of "new headliners". In particular, the ROCK4Future association wants to close the gaps between the French and Swiss German parts of Switzerland, and Ticino too.

As a highlight, five selected ROCK & METAL bands will perform at the OldCapitol on this evening. They will have the opportunity to present themselves in front of experts and scene professionals (including festival and club bookers, music redactors, agents, etc.).

Media Partner

Register today and get in touch on the spot with bookers, music editors, scene supporters, musicians, and many more...

Band Selection

All received applications shall be reviewed by the organizing committee. A maximum pre-selection of 25 bands will be presented to a selected jury of experts.

From these 25 bands, the first jury of experts nominates the final five bands for the Showcase Festival, which can prove their skills in front of the professionals at the OldCapitol Langenthal.


through band
20 September – 09 October 2022

by Organizing Committee – max. 25 bands

October 2022

by first jury of experts – max. 5 bands

November 2022



- Exchange platform with other professionals and like-minded people (e.g. know-how expansion, preventing concert overlaps, direct agreements on exclusivity issues and misunderstandings, etc.)

- Time saving through professional band pre-selection (multiple selection by expert jury)

- Expansion of his personal "Music Business" network


- Expansion of his personal "Music Business" network to present personally your band or project to professionals and scene supporters (even if you don't play there!).

- better negotiating position for subsequent gigs (personal and direct overall perception of the band)

- direct contact and exchanging of experience with other bands and musicians (possibly resulting in support shows and exchange concerts)

Scene General

- Sensitization of cultural institutions to the vibrant scene and participation in the development of "new headliners".

- Create point of contact for long-term cultural promotion (among others, invite representatives of different cultural institutions and communicate needs)

- Preservation and promotion of band and live culture

Organisation Team

Pat Wydler

Royal Music Research

Greenfield Stage Host / Headbangers Lifestyle / ex. ROCKSTAR Magazine Redactor

Silvan Scheiwiller

36zwei Entertainment GmbH

Booking Agent & Artist Development

Sandro Rüegg

AA Metalfest

Head of Booking

Danny Frischknecht


Music Redactor / Concert photographer

Vision ROCK4Future

In Switzerland, we have a lot of great supporters in the ROCK & METAL scene (and also all subgenres), who are committed to the preservation and promotion of these genres. However, today's demands on music creators and contributors to the cultural industry are increasing enormously, whether in the amateur or professional sector. Especially in ROCK & METAL genres, important financial resources, structures, the right contacts and experience are often missing to be able to build up a band, a concert series, or a festival in the long term.

Moreover, "harder" bands are more rarely represented in the lineup at (big) Swiss festivals. There are fewer big "headliners" and the "old guard" of rock legends is dissolving in the coming years. In short, there is a lack of young talent and targeted funding to build the next generation of headliners. After all, attending "harder" live concerts should still be possible in the next 20+ years! This is what we stand up for!

The whole thing should be done with a long-term coordinated strategy to show the core competencies of our Swiss protagonists (including bands, professionals, service providers and long-time scene supporters) and to support each other - especially to survive or catch up in the highly competitive international market.

TOGETHER, each individual can achieve more and benefit from the know-how of the collective!

Join us in our vision and let the spirit of rock'n'roll flourish again.

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